The Secret Is Out Now Guys. Here’s What Girls Always Carry In Their Bags! You Saw It Here First!


Guys would be able to live the whole day by holding just their wallet but that’s not possible for ladies unless maybe, they’re going to buy something just around their houses or something. Ladies are always shady when it comes to people trying to open their bags without permission as if they have bombs in there.

Well, we are ready to let you in on the secrets that happen to be concealed within a lady’s bag.

Check out the things that are undoubtedly in every ladies bag

Hand sanitizer

Image result for hand sanitizer

Everything you touch is covered with germs so a hand sanitizer is definitely going to be in that bag.


Image result for hairbrush

Especially for people with their own hair on (both natural and permed) and wig caps or weaves, a hairbrush is definitely an essential tool.


Image result for Handkerchief

Obviously, we cannot be walking around dripping with sweat. These are definitely in the bag.


Image result for tissue paper

Especially for the ladies in makeup, tissues are the best when it comes to dabbing extra oil on your face.


Image result for iphone Charger

Wait… who doesn’t go out with a charger? Lol. You never know when your phone will die so… uhuh! Definitely in the bag.


Image result for earphones

How else are they going to listen to music when going out or making phone calls? Putting the phone on your ear can smudge your makeup too so…

An Extra Pad

Image result for an extra sanitary pad

Super super important! The bodies of women are somewhat complicated. You might be expecting your period next week but that lil bastard will show its face when you least expect it. You need to be armed.


Image result for stationery

What can we say? We like to be serious. You never know who will ask if you have a pen or pencil. We meeaann, it’s a great conversation starter too.

So there! The next time a girl exclaims and asks why you are looking in her bag, don’t take it personally… I mean… Right now, you know what’s in it anyways.

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