Ladies! It’s Your Turn Now. Here Are The Things You Do That Guys Hate During Sex And Is A Total Turn Off For Them!

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Our post on “Some Of You Guys Think You’re Doing Something Aaarrmah But These Are Some Of The Things Women Hate During Sex! made some of the guys come and rant in our dms about how the ladies also do things they don’t like and so we are here to tell you, ladies, about the things you do that guys really find a turn off during sex.


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When giving head, try and try your best to avoid using your teeth. It really is quite uncomfortable. His penis isn’t food please.

Not Speaking Up

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If you aren’t comfortable with what he’s doing, speak up! He isn’t a magician to know that you don’t like it. Try to be vocal. That’s why we advise that you have sex with someone you’re comfortable with… someone who doesn’t, take offense with simple things like you saying that what he’s doing hurts or doesn’t work for you.

If you like what he’s doing too react er! Don’t be lying there like a piece of wood.

 Looking at your phone while having sex

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This is even disrespectful! Ah! But what this? Why would you keep looking at your phone? We don’t even need to explain this point any further charley. Use your head.

Too afraid to get rough

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There’s a time for love-making, and there’s a time for hardcore sex. When guys want the latter and girls don’t oblige, it can deflate the mood pretty quickly. Girls shouldn’t be afraid to take the lead and get a little rough with a guy once in a while. In fact, when he has to do all the work, it’s a major turn-off and can ruin the mood for everyone.

Faking It

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One of the worst things to do is to fake an orgasm. Ei… Guys generally want to please women, but it makes sense that it doesn’t happen every time. The more people have sex together, the more likely they are to experience orgasm together. But she’s got to be into it and relaxed enough to make that happen.


Mmmmhhhmm!! So there you have it! If you know that you do any of these things de3 find a way to change your attitude cuuuzz ereally no dey hia.

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