KNUST: Meet The Flyest TA On Campus! Louis Doubles As An Artiste And He Is Absolutely Phenomenal!!


We have all encountered that one Teaching Assistant. The one always asking us to Take a Sheet of Paper!

Yo, those guys are definitely not fun at parties and just when we thought all TAs had those traits we found Louis and he’s not your regular TA.

He is probably the ‘guyest’ and most fun teaching assistant in Tech.

See forget all the formalities your MCMs dey show you, this guy is so kuuul.

Remember when we said KNUST is full of musical talents?

We didn’t lie! He also does sensational music and you won’t believe he is in the College of Science. We hit him up for a chat and you will enjoy every bit of it…

Kuulpeeps: Chale tell us about yourself.

Louis: What you wanna know the real me or the music me?

Kuulpeeps: Both

Louis: I be Ghana boy with a genuine love for music. The kind of music I am most passionate about is rap music. I feel like no other form of music can pass across someone’s pain, struggle or genuine feelings, as well as rap, does you know. I am also a huge fan of comics and Japanese anime; I love playing chess chale the list goes on. I recently finished BSc Actuarial at KNUST and I am currently a teaching assistant. So, it’s now trying to balance work with passion.

Kuulpeeps: Cool cool be like you speed me up in this interview lol… Make we start for the basics. What’s your name?

Louis: I am Louis, but I go by LouisTheGreat or Maverick. Maverick is my battle persona when it comes to rap music.

Kuulpeeps: 3 personalities? Are you a many faced god…lol.

Louis: Lmao…for now it’s just two personalities… LouisTheGreat for all kinds of music… And Maverick when I have to get confrontational with another Rapper you know. I don’t do beef but I don’t mind a lyrical battle you know. I think that’s what sharpens us in the game.

Kuulpeeps:  Really… so who you fit battle – Godmc vs KingSark

Louis: First of all, big ups to the OG’s for sure… the King and gods of their own right… but rap battle is not about laurels, it’s about talent and I believe I got what it takes to kill gods and rule kings my nigga.

Kuulpeeps: Chai!! This guy dey figa Thanos.

Louis: Lmao…true talk no lie!

Kuulpeeps: Interesting… so chale this Actuarial Science then you be shark eh?

Louis: Oh everybody be shark; you just need to find out how you as a person studies. Wey chale ibi baba die we carry finish school oh no be shark matter kraa.

Kuulpeeps: LOL… that be what all brilla boys dey talk. how did you get here then? TA and music.

Louis: “How did I get here?” Good question. For being a T.A it kind of just happened. I wasn’t planning on it. I was encouraged to do it by a friend of mine who was working in the school and I ended up liking it. As for the music… I have always enjoyed music. However, if I had to pick one moment that pushed me to want to take this a little further and actually pursue music it was. I met RJZ from LA meme in school at a friend’s studio set up in school. And honestly, his energy was infectious… This was before la meme became the LA meme we know today.  Seeing him work like that inspired me. Because I feel like I have a lot to offer and it would be sad if I let this talent die when my peers are grinding each and every day to make it work and putting Ghana on the map.

Kuulpeeps: Wow. How does being TA work with you as an artist?

Louis: It’s demanding… I am also working with Watch and Dine cinemas as a major distributor on Tech campus so I am always busy. I must admit it’s a bit hectic but there is always a price to pay for what you love you know.

Kuulpeeps: What is the relationship with your students like?

Louis: Good question. So far it’s been generally positive. We have a lot of fun in the class because I entertain jokes and all but we stick to the topic and get work done. I am there as an agent of knowledge, so at the end of it all, knowledge must prevail over ignorance. That is my focus during each lecture or tutorial and nothing more. I try to keep mutually exclusive aspects of my life separate. Compartmentalization of sort. It doesn’t always work though lol

Kuulpeeps: Oi bigman… this ‘nothing more’ dier… I have to ask this question. One of your students asked me to ask you if ‘your mind dey’?

Louis: oh no lol. I don’t want any bad record. So I keep our interrelationships amicable at best.

Kuulpeeps: Eii Mr TA be that!!  Back to the music… do you have any projects out?

Louis: I recently released a song titled Toxic. That’s my first real release. Before that, I released a small rap freestyle called God’s Favour. Now I am working on an EP that would drop soon. But my next major single is a song I made with Jay Kenn called Sweet Satisfaction.

Kuulpeeps: Cool…and the reception?

Louis: My fan base is not really much. But from the few people who have heard my stuff, I have received largely positive reviews. My fans are really supportive and I can’t wait to bring the Loulou vibes to the world. I think my lack of traction is because for now, my songs are only on sound cloud you know. When I say I am underground, unlike most of the guys who say it, I mean it lol. But I am working on putting myself out there… Slowly but surely.

Kuulpeeps: Lool…you will blow!! Who will you like to see yourself working with?

Louis: Wow… A lot. I would love to work with Tulenkey because I don’t think we have seen the best from him yet. He is seriously talented and one of my favourite acts in Ghana. Then I love to work with RJZ and la meme, Kwesi Arthur, Sarkodie, Kelvin boy, Medikal… In fact, all of them. For producers in Ghana Nxwrth is one of the guys who’s beats then production I dey fill waa. Also outside Ghana first person is Wiz Kid, then Nasty C … then J Cole… The list goes on…

Kuulpeeps:  fire list 🔥…you will probably give us a book if we left you to.

Louis:  I tell you.

Kuulpeeps: When should we expect your EP and new projects?

Louis: My EP would be later this year…around October… I would call it Mind Over Matter. New projects would start dropping in May starting with my song featuring Jay Kenn called Sweet Satisfaction.

Kuulpeeps: We can’t wait!

Louis: Thanks!!

Kuulpeeps: So the mutually exclusive thing you were saying nu…wossop? 🌚

Louis:  Everything else bro, family, work, music, and being single.

Kuulpeeps: single s3n? Do you mean 4yrs + TA no grabbing?

Louis: Oh naa lmao… There have been all sort of grabbings chale but the truth is I am too busy right now to manage a full-blown relationship with grinding. Better time.

Kuulpeeps: At this rate, all guys are single cos…! 😂

Louis: Boss, no be easy oo lol.

Kuulpeeps: Yo one last thing, you know the school dier ebi calling, exams too dey come… you no get any holy pasco to give your boys?

Louis: No please 😂…lmao!

Kuulpeeps: Oh page number saf we like.

Louis: Bros this one na battle I no go fit to fight oo.

Kuulpeeps: Oi! my actuarial peeps, no be small formation we dey take enter this end of sem that…😂 😂. Chale Louis it’s been great having this session with you!

Louis: Thanks for having me chale. By God’s grace next time we talk I would have blown by then😉 I really enjoyed our talk and to my fans Peace yeah and thanks for the love and support. I am really grateful. Most importantly thank God, you bab 🙏🏽.

That’s it with Loius, definitely a fun person to be around. Follow him on IG @loulou_vibes and @_Louisthegreat_ on twitter. We had a listen to his song Toxic and its flames 💯🔥. Check it out!!

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