Here Are 6 Tried And Confirmed Ways To Retain Your Hair Length!


First of all, if you’ve not read our previous article about hair growth and hair retention, you need to go back and read it.

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Now that we are all caught up, let’s get right into retaining length.

The first thing you should know is that how fast your hair grows is dependent on genetics but generally, hair grows 3 – 6 inches per year. The following are ways you can adapt to help you retain your length.

Protective Styling

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Sis, your hair needs to be protected from this weather. The heat from the sun will remove all the moisture from your hair before you know it. Sometimes leaving your hair for sometime encourages it to form knots which might break off when you comb it.

Low manipulation Hairstyles

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Another thing you should note is to try and avoid styles like braids and sew-ins that pull too tightly for too long of a period of time. The effect of these styles vary from person to person, but constant pulling and tension tend to weaken hair and some of you can bear witness to this truth that braids do not help your edges at all.

Comb/Detangle Damp Hair

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See er, you hurt your hair when you comb it dry. Nanka just finger detangle and go (it’s not ideal but at least, better). The hair doesn’t have to be soaking wet but at least, spray some water on it before combing it (in sections).

Trim your hair

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We don’t know how to emphasize this point but it really is necessary. Trimming keeps ends from splitting further up the strands and causing large amounts of breakage. Some people trim after 3 months but if your hair is fine after 3 months you’re good to go. Don’t cut your hair just to cut it.

Stop putting your hands in your hair

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Our hands and our hair have this unbreakable bond that is so strong that we’re constantly reaching up to twirl, coil, or pull our hair. Constantly messing with your hair causes tangles, split ends, single strand knots, and no length retention because you’ll constantly have to snip off your ends for the reasons previously mentioned.

Use satin bonnets or pillowcases

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Before sleeping try and use a satin bonnet to cover your hair. If you do not have the bonnet then the satin pillowcase should work just fine. Satin reduces friction between your hair and other surfaces such as a cotton sheet or pillowcase. They also help maintain the natural oils in your hair and allow for less friction between your hair.


We all want long healthy hair but you need to be able to inculcate all these practices so you get what you want. Know that everyone’s hair is different so be observant. Know how your hair behaves and try to be consistent with your practices.

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