Considering The Type Of Person You Are, Which Of These Brides Are You Likely To Be?


You’re probably gnashing right now right now but you’ll probably get married in the future. In that said future, which type of bride do you think you will be? Will you be the one to micromanage every single thing? Or you’ll be the one who is so relaxed that, her husband to be is wondering if you actually want to get married?

1. The Last-minute Bride

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Those people who wait till exam week to study are the people in this category. Every time you ask her if she has sorted things out, she will tell you, yes but Charley… she hasn’t done anything! She’ll probably get around to doing “something” the week before the wedding.

2. The perfectionist

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She is the exact opposite of the last-minute bride. Hw3! She de3 every single thing she has thought of has to be excruciatingly delivered otherwise she will throw a hell of a fight! Nothing has to go wrong! She has researched everything she wants so you just have to represent.

3. The sentimental bride

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This bride will wear her mother’s wedding dress, her grandmother’s engagement ring and stressing in case she’s forgotten to invite a family member. As for this bride, she’s all about making the occasion as special as possible.

4. The Hulk

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Oh yes! She will be shouting at anyone and everyone! Please, if she asks you to do something, no matter what, you need to do it otherwise all hell will break loose!

5. The Budget Bride

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Our chisel girls, where you at?! This is your time to shine! Lmao!! They always have an aunt or uncle that can do something. There’s a baker in the family so the wedding cake on them. There’s definitely a seamstress in the family so the wedding dress to de3 falaa! Everything will be sorted within the family!

Lol! Which of these brides will you be?

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