UG: All You Missed At This Year’s POSSA Week.

Put aside the Hall weeks and the drink ups, sometimes a department can be just as spectacular as any other.

Still having doubts?

Let’s see what the political science department went up to.

Day 1: The Launch

POSSA is 40. And as a saying goes, “you start growing at 40”. So it was only normal it would be celebrated in grand style. So the launch included the exposition of the theme. The program was held at the Francis Kofi Drah Conference room and was graced by Professor Kwame Akon Ninsin.

Day 2: Corporate day.

Ignore the rumours about Political science being a “cheap” course. And what better way to show this than a seminar with two giants in the corporate industry? Mr Paul Adom Otchere of Metro TV and Mr Bright Afedze, the CEO of Anabaino Ltd. So it was back to the conference room again for an insightful and educative show.


The women were not left out. They can’t be left out. They are essential, even to political science.


One can’t be in politics and not have a slight knowledge in arguing policies. So the debate was the best way to show how stuff works.

Day 5: Indoor games

All work and no play …… You know the rest. And why not relax with some strategic games. After all, it’s politics.

Day 6: we can’t be indoors forever.

It was time to strap on some swimsuits and wash off some of the stress (and heat) off the body. The POSSA president didn’t slack at all. Who said being president was all about signing documents and giving orders??? He was present to swim off some stress as well.

All too soon another week had ended.

And POSSA week 19 came to an end. It was finally back to IAs and assignments. But in the end, we learnt a lot and of course, we had lots of fun.

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