The British Council Has Announced UK Travel Grants For Emerging African Film Makers

Being a filmmaker in our part of the world is an uphill battle.

The resources are not available though there are a plethora of African perceptive stories to tell.

Most of the time, after a filmmaker has gone through the stress of actually getting a production together to produce a movie, marketing it and making sure that a large number of people actually see it becomes a problem.

Many complain that the system in Ghana and many other African countries isn’t set up to help the film industry grow, despite the likes of Nollywood and even Ghallywood gradually taking shape.

For a filmmaker, participating in film festivals are so important that sometimes that’s the only way they can get their movies onto the screens.

However, getting access to international film festivals in places such as the United Kingdom or the United States can be difficult, especially when the filmmaker has to finance their own participating cost, which mostly includes travel and accommodation expenses.

To help Ghanaian and African filmmakers resolve this problem, the British Council has announced that it has partnered with Film Africa to provide travel grants to filmmakers who submit their films to participate in UK film festivals.

“The purpose of the pilot Film Africa African Travel Grant Scheme is to enable African filmmakers to present their work in the UK, develop new contact networks as well as reach new audiences and increase the exposure of contemporary African film in the UK,” the British Council said in a Facebook post.

If you’re an emerging African filmmaker, then submit your film to any of the 8 international festivals and then apply for a travel grant.

Fingers crossed… hopefully, your film will be screened at one of the film festivals and you would also get the travel grant that would allow you to travel to the UK and participate in the festival.

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