LMAOOO!!! We Really Can’t Stop Thinking About These Game Of Thrones Tweets

Last Sunday was a terrible day for Game Of Thrones fans who were still waiting to watch the newest episode.

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However, yesterday was also one of the best days on Twitter if you watched the episode early enough!!

Social media was rife with memes and anyone who hadn’t seen the episode but made a mistake of going online probably died several deaths…

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We were all over Twitter because everyone knows that’s the factory for all jokes and lol they didn’t disappoint!!

These were our faves from the Game of Thrones Episode 3 frenzy

PS: it was too hard picking faves so we just selected a couple lol

Let’s start with Lord Varys and how we never heard pim from him!!!


Lady Mormont…small but mighty!! Fighter of people who are not her size!! Hail!!

Can the MVP of the show get a round of applause????? Lessons learned!!!

Patapaa making waves even at Winterfell!!!


Someway somehow, Daenerys still dey bore!!

We learned a new phrase too!!!

The Hound!!!! LMAO!

lOL Daenerys thought she was THAT B#@$H!!!

Let’s not forget Samwell Tarly lol!!

If you’re laughing then you should go online and see more!!!

You’d dieeeeeeee!!!

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