UENR: Peeps, Make Sure You Don’t Forget To Take These Things To The Exams Hall

Exams is here and chale everyone is hot.
The brillas are indifferent, the last minute learners are stressing, the “i don’t care” peeps are relaxed but hey, there are some basic things you need to take along when going to the examination hall.

Without your student ID card you would not be allowed to enter the exams hall unless you take a pass which costs 5ghc for every paper. Imagine the the money you will spend for 9 papers. Don’t do that to yourself.


How can you write an exam without your pens, pencils and other stationery? I mean HOW? Make sure you have everything you need when it comes to stationery, so you don’t have to borrow from your friends. Its advisable to buy new ones so you don’t get stuck in the middle with a floated pen.


And as we write our exam, lets make it a point to study hard and obey examination rules and regulations to avoid being penalized.
All the best as we finish another level of hard work chale. Let’s make our family proud.
Remember.. First class no be jollof.


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