Twitter Was Lit Last Week! Here Are Some Awesome Tweets For You

It’s another week… Shall we!

1. Aunties be like…


2. Only GOT people will get this…


3. 😂😂😂


4. Don’t we just love kids!


5. Who else thinks like this?


6. True or False?

7. KNUST fuor! This is for you.


8. This is so you!


9. You people play too much!


10. That same smile! Jealous GF’s be like!


11. Ah 😂😂😂


12. We thought so at first 😂😂


13. This 😭😭


14. Who else is doing this?


15. You people dey hide??


16. Who can relate?


17. African mums know everything!


18. Don’t you miss your childhood?


19. Avengers spoilers!!

20. Don’t stop the hustle!!


See you next week!!


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