People Are Trolling Patapaa With These Make-Believe Wikipedia Entries


Hello the Internet, if you are reading this… here’s our official notice informing you that we are done… yes we are done with you.

Every day brings it’s own crazy level of trolling and the bar is either raised higher or reduced to the barest minimum – it’s all about one’s perspective.

Three weeks ago, Kawoula Biov released the visuals to his song “Daavi Neba” featuring Patapaa.

But now it is Patapaa’s rap line in that song that has sparked a social media challenge of people trying to rap his lines.

Some are of the opinion that Patapaa is going to make this previously unknown song much popular.

As he has become the talk of town, people are also taking to social media to use diabolic means to troll the leader of the Pa2pa Soldiers…lol

People are photoshopping the results of  Patapaa’s Wikipedia search to include that he either attended Adisadel College or even Wesley Girls’ High School, which as the name suggests is a girls-only senior high school making it impossible for him to have attended that school.

However, when Kuulpeeps run it’s own Wikipedia search on Patapaa, the part about him attending senior high school was not included in the introductory paragraph as many are suggesting.

Patapaa, could well be one of the most trolled musicians in the country. It seems it’s easy to pick on him.

But with him also being the subject matter of online chatter, it just means easy marketing of his songs.

Now, listen to his rap line below and join the challenge!!!

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