Keep Calm! Dancegod Lloyd’s Created A New Dance That’s Definitely Going To Go Viral!

dancegod lloyd

Y’all know the Dance god right?

dancegod lloyd

The one guy who has put Ghana on the map several times just for doing what he loves most: Dancing.

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Dancegod Lloyd has proven way too many times that he’s an outstanding dancer. Well, he was one of the Kuulpeeps Emergers 2019 so what do y’ all expect??!

Anyway, Dancegod is amazing at what he does and aside entertaining us with his dance moves, he contributes immensely to the dance industry by teaching and coming up with new dance moves.

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Remember sho? The dance that came with a song done purposely for Dancegod by Kwamz and Flavor?

Yeah well if you thought that dance was lit, there’s a new dance you need to learn ASAP from the Dancegod himself!!

He calls this dance Agbelimi! It’s got something that makes us feel this will become another viral dance incorporated into every dance routine!!

If you know you can attempt this dance, upload a video of yourself doing the agbelimi and tag him using the hashtag #AbelimiDanceChallenge

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