Hair Loss Vs Hair Thinning! Here’s All You Need To Know About These Two!

Hair loss and hair thinning may seem like two sides of the same coin but it actually isn’t and you need to understand the difference between both.

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Hair Loss is a reduction of the total hairs from the scalp. Averagely, if you comb your hair, you’re bound to lose about 50-100 strands of hair. Upon observation, the hair strands should be the same length as the hair on your head with a tiny bulb at the end which indicates that this hair was at its natural shedding stage and ready to come out.

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Generally, men are more likely to suffer from hair loss than women. Genetics is a major cause of hair loss. Hormones, stress, new medication, fatigue, and diet all cause hair loss.

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Hair thinning is generally felt more gradually with age, resulting in fewer, smaller and weaker hair follicles. Two main causes of hair thinning are physiological hair ageing, where your hair becomes thinner as you age, and damage due to environmental factors such as dyeing your hair, pollution and using wrong products in your hair.

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If you have a problem with hair thickness, you should invest in products which will give you hair volume, improve your hair’s strength, resistance, and overall health to ensure an optimum growth cycle.

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