#FaceOfLegon: Meet Esther Ampaabeng, She Could Be Your Favorite Contestant.

My name is Esther Ampaabeng, a level 300 student reading Political Science with French. I love reading, watching movies, listening to music and  I love children.
I’m sure people are wondering why now? Level 300?

So I didn’t know about it in level 100 and it didn’t come off in level 200.

After God, my mom inspires me. If I’m being made Queen, I would be happy and start putting action into my project which is I want to help children from broken homes, orphans and the less privileged because I’m a product of a broken home and I love children as well.
I believe with the experience I have had from my broken home, I wouldn’t like to see people in that situation or even worse undermine themselves or not be able to do something for themselves. So with God being my helper, I believe I can and will do it that’s the assurance I want to give.
Balancing school work with the pageant has been good. Well…I’ve learnt to manage my time properly and I make sure that activities of the pageant don’t take away my time to study but they sometimes eat into classes hours.
Lastly, I’m hoping for the best and ready to be the winner with God’s help and your votes.
Thank you
To vote: Dial *713 *714#
Type 0 for next
Then type 10 for the face of legon
Then 2 for Esther
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