#FaceOfLegon: 5 Minutes In The Life Of Fafali Fiadjoe Regina.

I’m Fafali Fiadjoe Regina, a level 100 Political Science, Information studies and Russian studies Student.
I love dancing, modelling, acting and playing basketball.
So many things inspire me, the love for my passion is a drive on this too and because I love modelling so anything pertaining to modelling I embrace wholeheartedly.
My project is to build that positive impact in the life of those kids out there.
I plan on achieving this with meeting and getting to know mentors that I look up to as well as making the love I have for them to help them especially, those on the streets, those who have good talents, and those in the children’s home too.
Truth to be told, they are kids who are vulnerable and don’t know their whereabouts so they need someone to lead them, someone to talk to and someone to always put a smile on their face.
Want to know what makes my project different? Mine is to make the best experience for them in growing up.
This a long term project; I mean the time frame is okay for me to achieve what I want to do so even if I don’t complete it its something I wanted to do always so I will still pursue it.
Funds? It will be sorted when the time is due…
My finals words just stay true to yourself, overcome some difficulties and keep doing what you love doing and always be prayerful…Charley that’s the key.
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