UG: Check Out The Type Of Student You Are Based On These GOT Characters.


Unless you are part of the 0.5% who think it is cool to not watch GOT

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‘Tis the season on Winter after all, so why don’t we find out what type of students our favorite characters in GOT  would be on campus lol! Ready???

Little Finger.

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We all know how untrustworthy this guy is. He is definitely the student that will tell you he hasn’t learnt anything a night before the paper. Throughout the semester he has been visiting all the reading rooms. But a night before the paper, as you are trying to fix all the 13 weeks notes in your head, he will be there with you, breathing down your neck and asking, “Which topic is that’, ‘let me see’, will it come”.


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We cannot start with Baelish and not mention the Lady of Winterfell. This girl is generally a sellout.  You know how 1 hour 30 mins into the class, the lecturer asks, ‘Is it time??’ She represents all those annoying people in class who will shout, ‘No sir 20 mins more’.

Tyrion Lannister

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You know the students that don’t come to class?? The ones that you see in class a day before the IA and during. They don’t ask questions in class but if they are called to answer they spoil there. They are always getting the highest marks in class but you no dey barb?? Yeah, they are Tyrion.


On to the queen herself!

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You know the people that have passco and those who know the answers in the passco but won’t share?? Yeah , Cersei that. You will put questions in class groups and they will know the answers and still air you! Like yo! This is the university, we are not doing first and second over here, take a chill pill!!

Jon Snow

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LOL! Do we need to even explain??? You know those people that have all the information about the course and the lecturer. They have alll the characteristics of a class rep. From their dressing, the way they sit in front, ask and answer questions, but they don’t want to be the class rep! Like why?????? Lmaoo I guess they think ‘they know nothing’.

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