If She Does These Things, Guys! Look Sharp And Break Up With Her!

Women are everything but straightforward. They usually don’t even know what they themselves want but sort of magically want you to know what they need. The only thing we can agree on about these creatures is the fact that they’re somehow always hungry and when you get food for both of you, they’ll eat yours together with you and eat theirs alone… but who are you to complain?

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Because they’re as complex as it gets, we’ve taken the initiative to show you when to break up with them cuz they’re giving you the signals… it’s you who isn’t seeing them.

1.  You aren’t talking as much

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If your girl isn’t talkative, with you she is because she comes to vent to you, she shares her happy moments with you cuz you’re basically her best friend. If all these things stop, you should know there’s something wrong. Text her.. Call her… she’s probably thinking twice about the relationship. Whatever that happens within this period usually helps inform her decision to either break up with you or stay with you.

2. Bailing out on plans 

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If for some reason she’s always cancelling plans with you or trying to find a way out of plans, then bro… you need to start looking for your backup girlfriend. Call your side and tell her to be ready for a promotion anytime soon. Oh, there is a chance that she has been cancelling plans cuz she’s a little busy but Charley, if it happens too often, she’s probably trying to convey a message to you and you’re obviously not getting it.

3. She’s always picking a fight with you over trivial stuff

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Ah… something she shouldn’t be angry about saf, she go bore! She won’t let it go easily too. If you have a fresh quarrel, she’ll go and mention all the other things that she claims you did six million years ago. She won’t talk to you for days… she’ll be blocking and unblocking you on social media and even when you call her she won’t pick up. If this has been happening for some time Charley, go and ask her if she wants to break up because what sort of relationship is this one too?

4.  The sex isn’t the same anymore

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It’s almost as if she can’t wait for you to finish doing what you’re doing. She doesn’t really participate in what is happening. If you see her losing interest in things that she loved doing in bed, you know something is up. It could be something as simple as not using her tongue anymore while she’s kissing you or refusing to give you head.

5. There’s no chemistry anymore

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If the chemistry is dying, she’s surely going to come up to you soon and talk about ending the relationship. If you let it slip away for far too long, there isn’t really anything you can do about it later.

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