They Wouldn’t Admit This But These Are Some Of The Things That Keep Ghanaian Men Awake At Night

Young Ghanaian men. Yall don’t get as much appreciation as you should and it’s sad!!!

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We realized y’ all are really going through the struggle! and we sympathize!!

These don’t even cut it but we know you know it’s all true!

That Ass!!!!

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Dear Ghanaian man…It isn’t your fault the good Lord decided to bless you with all that ass. You already have to deal with all these thirsty women staring at your tushies all day and now you have to figure out a way to ignore all those trolls on the internet about the standard Ghanaian man’s ass.  Let’s not even get started on trying to get them in your pants *sigh…

Faithful or nah?

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All y’ all do is to worry about finding the right jeans and serving the good Lord but these women smh. For some reason, Ghanaian women seem to think all y’ all do is cheat and lie. How? How is that even possible??? How can a mind filled with ass, stress, doing good and being a role model for the young men coming up have time to even think about cheating??????? IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!

The handsome curse

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The fine-ness dierr it’s like God just poured a bucket of beauty all over the men when he got to Ghana. This is why every woman thinks y’all cheating because these ladies won’t leave you alone!! You’d be minding your business and these hungry women will be giving you looks and things.

Hard guy no be easy 

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Most Ghanaian men have to worry about being tough when all they want to do is watch football and cry sometimes when their teams lose but they can’t! Why??!!! Because everyone expects them to be “odeehyii” and it’s stress charle. It’s really tough!!!

Stingy or Money smart?

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When a lady asks a Ghanaian man for money and he doesn’t give…calm down. He’s not stingy. He’s just saving the money for the future. For something bigger for you. That’s all!!! There’s no such thing as stingy but all everyone does is accuse them.


We feel your pain guys and we will be praying for you.

Small time, e go be.

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