It’s Actually Pretty Simple! Follow These 3 Steps To Build The Perfect Skin Regimen!!

There really are people with like 20 step skin care routine and a dermatologist on speed dial and have the most amazing skin ever and it makes you wonder if your skin will ever come close to theirs.

We understand that sometimes this whole skin care thing can get confusing. You don’t know what the toner is for. You aren’t sure which comes first… moisturizer or toner? You don’t know whether you should exfoliate daily or not cuz there’s this girl that you know who always posts herself in some facial scrub of some sort and so it confuses you.

Lmao! We understand! We want to help you out! Check out the 3 main steps for building the perfect skin regimen.

1. Cleanse/wash your face

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Since you keep touching your face it’s important to wash your face. Get rid of all the excess oils on your face. When you gently clean your face morning and evening, it allows the other products you use to work even better.

2. Apply toner

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Toners remove any impurities left over after cleansing. The majority of toners are water-based liquids made up of specific active ingredients including plant extracts and essential oils; they’re tailored to tackle a variety of skin types.

3. Moisturize

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Even if you have the oiliest skin known to man, moisturizing is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Proper hydration ensures your face is healthy, glowing, and plump and keeps roughness and flakes at bay.

Apart from these main things, you should also know your skin type. Once you know, it’s easier to know what works for your skin.

Don’t forget, you need to be consistent to see progress. If you aren’t, nothing would change.

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