All Your Frequently Asked Questions About National Service Answered

A new year is about to begin for current final year students who will soon become service personnel soon. We have decided therefore to find out all the possible questions and their corresponding answers so that the process is easier on them.

FAQ: When will the NSS release Pin Codes?

The Pin Codes have been released. Read more HERE


FAQ: What time will the NSS registration start?

The registration is done online. And it will start after the Pin Codes have been released.


FAQ: What are we supposed to do before the registration starts?

You are not supposed to do anything.

Your school will submit all your information to the NSS.

Concentrate on academics for now.


FAQ: Are we supposed to make any payment?

No.  You won’t make any payment. The only payment you will make is the registration fee of GHC 40.

The registration fee will be paid in May after the Pin Codes have been released.

NOTE: The online Registration will require you to provide one of the following IDs:


When the Registration starts in May, everyone must provide one of the above national IDs before they can do the online Registration.

If you don’t have one of the IDs, try and get one before registration.

NOTE: NHIS will not be accepted.

NSS accepts only one of the following: [ VOTER’S ID, SSNIT CARD, PASSPORT & DRIVER’S LICENSE]

And you don’t need the CARD itself. You only need the number on it.

Eg: You need only the VOTER’S ID NUMBER.



 FAQ: How can I know my name has been submitted to the NSS?

Once you are in the final year, your Details will be sent to the NSS by your school.


FAQ: What’s the NSS PIN CODE?

The PIN CODE is just like a password which will be given by the NSS to enable you to get access to the online registration form.


FAQ: Where will we go for the PIN CODE?

You will retrieve the PIN CODE from the NSS official website.

You will use your school index number or registration number to check the PIN CODE.


FAQ: Can one decide not to do the service this year?

Yes. You can decide not to do the service this year. You are at liberty to defer national service to a later year.

Don’t forget that without the National Service certificate, you cannot get employment in the public sector.


FAQ: How much is the allowance?

The service allowance is GHC 559.per month


FAQ: Is it true that those in the private sector receive more than the GHC 559?

It depends on the user agency you are working with.

NOTE: If you work in a private sector, the user agency will pay 20% of your allowance to the government for enjoying your services.

However, that doesn’t mean the private company will deduct the [20%*559=GHC  111] from your monthly allowance of GHC 559.


FAQ: So, what about those who are already working in the public sector?

If you are already working, you won’t take national service allowance.

Rather you pay 10% of GHC 559 monthly to the National Scheme.

NOTE: There’s also a proposal to reduce the 20% paid by private firms to 10%.



FAQ: Those of us who have PIN CODEs, can we start the registration.

The 2020 PIN CODEs have been released and you can start registration.


FAQ: If u already have the NSS pin code from the previous year, can you use it to register for this year?

You cannot use previous years Pin Code for the current Registration.

A press release is usually released to this effect.

The Letter was informing all National service defaulters who could not do the Service in the previous years to:

1. Write a letter requesting a new pin code.

2.Copy of the deferment letter.

3. Submit an Academic certificate

4. Any of the 4 National ID cards.

It’s better late than nerve.

So, if you’re a defaulter, kindly visit any Regional office before close of the week.


FAQ: Please based on some reasons, if someone would have to skip national service this year and probably do it next 3yrs.

What advice would you give the person?

You can defer it until the next 3yrs.

If you don’t want to do the service this year, don’t do the online registration.

Then write Deferment Letter through the NSS Regional office.

Any year you wish to do it, follow the procedure for defaulters to re-apply.


FAQ: Is it possible for a Nigerian to serve in Ghana?

National service is meant for only Ghanaian graduates.

However, your University will submit your details to the NSS. So foreign students will also get Pin Codes.

Because foreigners cannot produce the National IDs, it’s advisable to meet the NSS REGIONAL Director before you do the online registration.


FAQ: Can I register with a photocopy of my passport instead of bringing the original copy?

You don’t need a photocopy of the original passport.

In doing the online registration, you will be required to enter only the ID number.

So, you will just enter the Passport Number.


FAQ: If you want to go into a particular company to have your service, is it necessary to do the online registration?

Yes. Everyone will be required to complete the same online registration to get the NSS NUMBERS.

If you don’t do the NSS online registration, you won’t get an NSS NUMBER.

Without an NSS NUMBER, you won’t get Appointment Letter.

The private firm or company will need your NAME, NSS NUMBER, & other Details to write The Letter of Request.

NOTE: Those who are already working, you will not submit a request to NSS.

You will do the normal online registration.

In addition, a section will be dedicated for you to provide details of your current employer to enable NSS to post you to your current employer.

NSS will give the NSS certificates to everyone. Whether you are in the private & public sector.


FAQ: When does the registration start?

Registration will start in May.


FAQ: Please what are we to pay GHC 40 for?

 The GHC 40 is the registration fee.

Part of the GHC 40 is used to pay your NASPA dues, Printing of NSS ID card & NSS Certificate.


FAQ: Please how can one be posted to a private sector?

Immediately the Pin Codes are released, those who wish to do the service in the private sector can use the below different ways:👇

  1. The private firm or company can submit your *NAME, NSS Number & other details* to the NSS Regional office or Head office for you to be posted to them.
  2. You the prospective service personnel can also take the LETTER of REQUEST from the private firm & send it to any NSS Regional office.

However, It is always advisable for a representative of the private firm to meet the Regional director for all the terms and conditions.

  1. Religious bodies, sole proprietors & every organization can send a request for NSS personnel.
  2. Sometimes too, Big Private companies, public corporations & other

quasi-public organizations will give you assurance but then ask you to find your own ways & get posted to them.


FAQ: I have done my National Service already. I did my Diploma before coming for a Degree top-up, would it be possible for me to do my service again this time?

 Once you have the NSS Certificate already, there is no need to do the service again.


FAQ: Please can you choose a specific town where you wish to do your service?

 You can’t choose a specific town or company to do your service.

NSS will only allow you to choose 3 Regions.

However, if you wish to go to the private sector, you can follow the explanation on the Private firm request.

Because Private firms pay their own service personnel.

And in addition, they also pay a percentage of your allowance to the NSS, it’s easy if a company sends a request for your service.

Or if you’re already on the payroll, you will be required to provide the details of your current employer during the online registration.

Or if there’s an opportunity, Moderator will  help you in the special posting process to get any organization of Choice



FAQ: I just went to the SSNIT at Kumasi to do the SSNIT card. I was told they don’t do SSNIT cards for final year students. So, I don’t know what to do…

Sometimes visit their DISTRICT offices.

Tell them you operate mobile money business & you want to register for SSNIT so you can make contributions.

By a month time, the Card will be Ready.

That is the way used by the Nurses to get SSNIT CARD for their online registration.



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  1. Pls my name was not in the list my school submitted to nss. Can I do self registration and how because I have been calling the office for sometime now and n9 answer to my call.


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