You Think You’re Buff?? Meet Van Damme, Winner Of The Vaseline’s Strongest Competition At Repu

Charley, this year’s Vaseline’s Strongest showed us that there is macho and THERE IS MACHO!

Lol…yes! Ei… the metals we saw that people were trying to raise er! No be small thing! At the end of it all, Van Damme emerged as the winner making him the strongest person in KNUST!

Kuulpeeps caught up with him at KNUST, had a convo with him and found out a couple of things that a lot of people don’t know about him.

KUULPEEPS: Hey Van Damme! What’s up?

VAN DAMME: Adey oo…

KUULPEEPS: Okay so can you tell us something the rest of the world doesn’t know about you?

VAN DAMME: Lool! The world? Ei what don’t they know?… maybe the only thing they don’t know is Van Damme dedicating his time and everything for this. You know, if you have the passion for this thing you should know the pros and cons, the negatives and the positives. If you want to do this thing er, there are so many things you’ll need to avoid like women, parties, wasting of time and all that and above all Christ.

KUULPEEPS: Oh ok. That’s profound. So do you take supplements?

VAN DAMME: Oh yeeeaah I do. Supplements are just that… supplements. They’re body supplements, they aren’t really anything. It’s steroids that I don’t take.

KUULPEEPS: We’ve been observing you paa. Before you lift any weight you listen to something. We don’t know… what is it? What do you listen to? Is it music? Is it your agbala? Or what?

VAN DAMME: Hahahaha! Agbala paa! The only thing I listen to and I can even play it for you is just cool music and gospel.

KUULPEEPS: Ei so that’s what you were listening to before carrying all those metals?

VAN DAMME: Yeeeaahhh.. oh I can even play it for you to listen to

KUULPEEPS: Oh wow! That’s nice!

VAN DAMME: Yeah… I don’t listen to any other type of music.

KUULPEEPS: Ei Charley! You bost wona brains oo… But why the name Van Damme?

VAN DAMME: Oh it was given to me by someone

KUULPEEPS: Ei by someone? And you liked it and wanted to be called that afterwards?

VAN DAMME: Oh naaa… it was this man… Time… He said if I don’t like it then I’m going to get it like that.

KUULPEEPS: But what’s your inspiration? Why do you want to keep weight lifting?

VAN DAMME: I started it because I just wanted to get the body and when I started, it was more of a fun thing for me. I had nothing doing too apart from class and church.

KUULPEEPS: Oh saa… that’s all er. But you’re really into Church and Christianity er?

VAN DAMME: Oh yeeeeaahh charley!

KUULPEEPS: That’s nice! So because of the weight lifting and things are girls around you often?

VAN DAMME: Oh if you allow it they’ll come and me I don’t allow it so some girls say adey see my body but it’s not like that. I’m not even dating anyone here (Ghana) currently because I don’t want any distraction. You can ask my boys… I will not get time for you oo.

KUULPEEPS: So you don’t have a girlfriend here currently?

VAN DAMME: I have a girlfriend oo but she isn’t here in the country. She’s Canadian.

KUULPEEPS: Oh ok ok ok.

VAN DAMME: Yeeeeaaahh she understands the thing so the only time we get to talk is in the evening cuz she understands. I won’t get time for you if you’re with me cuz if it’s my gym time and I have to go I will go! If I have to sleep, I will sleep! You can’t stop me. If I have to sleep too I’ll sleep. You can’t stop me.

KUULPEEPS: Would you say bodybuilding is expensive?

VAN DAMME: Oh yeeeaaahh!! Bodybuilding is expensive oo. Imagine our food supplements and the least may be the pre-workout which might be GHS 180 – 220 and the post workout can go as far as GHS 600 depending on the weight. We have GHS 300, GHS 320 and if you want the quality ones too they’re very expensive. The least you can get is GHS 300 and in the period of 3 weeks, it’ll be done.


VAN DAMME: Yeah oo! In a period of 3 weeks, it’ll be done.

KUULPEEPS: Ei then this thing de3 it’s for rich people oo

VAN DAMME: Lol! Oh naaaaa it’s not. You should see it more as an investment and one should be serious about it.

KUULPEEPS: Oh last question! Can you give us some tips on how to become buff?

VAN DAMME: Oh the tips de33 they have to pay before they get it oo! hahahaha… The only thing I can say is that, if they really want this thing they’ll have to focus! And just as I say everyday… its all about the three D’s. Determination, Discipline, and Dedication. That’s all. If you follow them, you’re good to go!

KUULPEEPS: Aaaaawww! Thank you so much for chatting with us!

VAN DAMME: Lol! Thank you too for having me.

You can connect with Van Damme on Instagram @_quophy_vandamme

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