Vibes Sorr This Weekend In Cape!!! Guess Who Will Be Performing At The UCC Rexona Colourthon!

Okay at this point, we don’t have to tell you what the Rexona Colourthon is. The biggest, baddest and only run that’s too exciting, extremely colourful and full of so much fun you will forever remember the day!!!

We started the Colourthon on Legon campus with R2bees giving us mad vibes on the stage right after we spoil there during the run!!!

Then we went to Repu and had mad vibes with the La Meme Gang!!!

Guess what UCC? This Saturday we are all coming to Cape with the La Meme Gang to spoil there!!!!!

Abi your eye get and you want to be there right???

Well, you know how to be a part of this. Register first, right here: Rexona Colourthon Registration

That’s the only way you can get the official starter pack for the Rexona Colourthon!! Get your colour assigned to you after you register and then, find out what your colour actually means right here: Colourthon Colours!!

You wouldn’t want to miss out on this!!! Just look at the Legon and KNUST Colourthon experiences…

Mad vibes!!

So…UCC show us what you’ve got!

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