Ghana Police Has Been Dragged To Hell And Back On Twitter For Sending A “Silly” Tweet

The internet has no chill… Mess up and it will come for you like the Night King with his army of the dead marching onto Westeros.

We can officially say that the Ghana Police Twitter Account has been given a proper Twitter rite of passage.

What anyone wouldn’t want to be right now is the person who manages the Ghana Police Service Twitter handle.

It all started earlier today when the person managing the handle to sent a question most social media managers for any brand might have sent a similar tweet before and received favourable engagements for.

The Ghana Police tweet read “Let’s get interactive: Name any movie which has Ghana Police in it?”

But as it is, the Ghana Police is not an institution with the best of public opinion so a lot of people saw the tweet as one unnecessary tweet coming from a security agency that has a lot of unanswered questions with regards to “bad” services.

It wasn’t long before people started coming for the Ghana Police. While some believed the account should be handled with more seriousness, others also started trolling them with all the challenges and the perceptions people have of them.

lol… look… we’re officially done with y’all…

The internet has no chill charley.

But to answer the Ghana Police tweet question, we loved Inspector Bediako.

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