UG: Experience Jamestown!

When you hear Jamestown what comes to mind? Art, forts or the sea? Well, that’s what we expected too as we embarked on this project.

Initially, we planned to present the colonial past of Jamestown as British Accra. Little did we know we were in for a big surprise.

In a short, while being in Jamestown, we realized it was a prime destination for a thrilling adventure on a budget. Jamestown is located along the John Evans Atta Mills High Street which is in Central Accra making it easy to get to. From Legon, it costs GHC2.20.

Another perk of Jamestown is that you can tour the entire town on foot. You do not need to spend extra for intracity transportation. This gives the whole experience a healthy bit too. Again, we loved Jamestown because of how convenient it was. It doesn’t take so long to get to the place and you can see everything within a 14-hour window. In short, Jamestown is a cheap and convenient destination to go to.

The first place to visit in Jamestown is the fishing harbour. It is currently undergoing a facelift into a proper one but it doesn’t deter the fishermen nevertheless. We went there with the aim of engaging them and getting stills of the sea.

Fortunately for us, we found out we could actually go to see and experience fishing as they have it. To be honest, it was thrilling and frightening at the same time. We had so much fun. Seeing a mixture of fear and pleasure on each other’s’ faces gave us all a kick! People made all sorts of faces at every sway of the sea. The sea, however, was friendly and we arrived back on shore safe and sound. It didn’t end there though. We had to pull our boat out of the water. It wasn’t easy. The fishermen were very hospitable and helpful throughout too.

Next stop we moved to the Old Kingsway Building. This place was once a bustling retail centre but its ruins have been reduced to an art gallery used for music videos and playing football.

For the right price, you can get professional dancers to dance with you and teach you some moves. You can also get a chance to play football with the indigenes. Trust me, they won’t treat you like tourists!

Now to my favourite part of the trip, the boxing gym!

honestly, I’ve always thought boxing was tasking but limited it to the impact of the punches one receives. However, the whole exercise of throwing your arms, dodging and always being in motion is crazy! 30 minutes into training and the floors are drenched in sweat. It is a complete workout and a fun way to keep fit especially if you box against a friend.

Aside from the fun, there are really cool places to cool off in between or after the different events. There are kenkey houses littered around the town. The food is cheap and very filling. On the high side, you can pass by the Jamestown Café or the Osikan Ocean Rock Retreat. Jamestown is truly a thrilling experience.

On Friday, kindly pass by our stand at the University of Ghana Business School at the annual tourism exhibition to learn more about what we saw and experienced.

Experience Jamestown!

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