UG: Does The Money Finish As Fast As It Comes? Here Are Some Tips To Make It Last Longer.

How does money finish so fast when it’s plenty? When it’s left with the amount that you can put in this bag,

Image result for smallest bag

you turn into the best economists and mathematicians on the surface of this earth. Ego be. The money might not be enough to save but here’s how you can make it last longer:

Figure out your income.

How much money do you get every month? If you don’t know, you need to find out. After all deductions including food, necessities and public transportation( factoring in the bf/gf), how much money do you have left? After that, you can move to the next step. If the money is finished too aa, yawa. It means you need to change your spending lifestyle and focus on spending less if you can.

Track your spending.

Try to type or write down whatever purchase you make. This will help you notice what is syphoning your money

and then you can figure out how to resolve that spending problem.

Never buy on an impulse.

If you see something you absolutely must have, take some time to think about it. While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new purchase – that excitement often wears off over time, leading to buyer’s remorse.

Do you see those sellers that come around with nice jeans and skirts and shoes?

They are the epitome of temptation.

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Ask yourself, do I have something similar or I just want to buy it for the sake of buying k3k3? If not, let it go, baby!

Lastly, it’s better to buy things in bulk at wholesale shops

for a cheaper price than in bits at retail shops for a higher price. The excess can be saved and used for another thing.

Now, How much be your amount? Let’s see if the money finishes that fast. If it does, after doing all this, then my nigga you make shii.

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