UENR: Types Of Final Year Students On Campus

At this moment in uni life, the people wey dem taya most be final year students and its not even funny.

Four years of waking up and facing some lecturers, dealing with annoying TA’s and course mates and even course reps. Four years of quizzes, midsems, and exams. Charle it will all be over soon. More elbows, grease to your efforts wai.


Here are some five types of final year students you will meet on campus.



The tired ones

Mhern!!! These type of people have been stressing since they came to uni. They have been trying not to miss classes, trying to keep their grades up and trying to keep good conduct. But now they are tired. Simple. Now, in their heads whatever will come should come. There is nothing they haven’t seen or heard. You will find them missing classes, dressing anyhow, walking aimlessly and some to the extent of leaving their project for their group members to finish. It’s not easy o!



The sharks

Ei please, these ones de3 stop o. They are still prim and proper. Attending lectures on time, presenting quality assignments, going to campus to study regularly, dressing officially, etc. They didn’t come to play please and they are mostly the ones most lectures use as examples. Future leaders. Award-winning students.



The inside walkers

So these ones have been tired from the minute their feet touch the university. Some of their lecturers haven’t even seen them before and even some of their course mates don’t know they are offering the same course with them. They appear and disappear when they want and show no rumours. They mostly compare themselves to big men who made it without school and their motto is “education is a calling, it’s not for everyone”. Please allow! God has a plan for everyone.


Last minute killers

They are the real legends, fear them. These ones don’t stress too much with learning at the beginning o but the last minute nu!!! They are in between the sharks and tired ones at first then they speed up in the final year. They will do anything at the last hour to push from average to first class honours. They enjoy uni life to the fullest, get all the hype and fame and won’t waste time to get everything in the beginning. Though it’s stressful they believe it’s worth it.

You will be there then they will mention their names for best student in their department. Hw3!



Project People

These peeps are stuck on their final year project. They tend to neglect lectures, have sleepless nights, and go into some form of a recluse. If you’re dating one forget he/she won’t have time for you. They might even go on long trips for their project work. Although their dedication is quite admirable, their social life becomes non-existent. They are turned into academic zombies. These people are quite rare because most final years no dey fit handle that stress. If you’re one of these people then big ups charle.



Peeps! Which one are you or which one will you be?

We wish all the final year students the best of luck chale.

Finish Hard!!!.



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