UG: Meet Tayovic, A Level 400 Psychology Student, About To Cause A Storm In The Music Industry.

Tayovic, the ”Tayo” is from my first name Temitayo and the “Vic” is from my name Victor, it also means I’m a Victor is this entertainment game.
My name is Temitayo Victor Adegbite, I’m in my final year in UG doing a combined major in Psychology and Adult education. I am a resident of the International students’ hostel 1.
The 5 things I always have on me my mobile phone, headphone or earphones, some money and a lot of drip.

Aside from music I have interests in Sports, movies and Politics. Honestly, I don’t know what else influenced my decision to pursue a career in music. I guess I was just born to do this. My-go-to-a-place for inspiration would be the mountain and the seaside. My top 5 favourite artists will be Fela Anikulapo Kui, Micheal Jackson, Whitney Houston, Bob Marley and King Sunny Ade. I don’t have exactly have a favourite track but VIM would be my track for motivation.

I plan on polishing and mastering my craft and taking African music or culture to a more global level with a larger audience. Ultimately I plan on being the very best.

I look up to Kanye West because I draw a lot of inspiration from his creativity and I think he’s one of the best to ever do it.
So basically, that is all about me, Tayovic.
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