UG: Here Is A Report On The UGRC 150 Results For The Year 2018/2019.

Following the complaints lodged by 316 students dissatisfaction concerning their UGRC 150 grades, the sub-coordinator carried out a thorough review of the marking
Below are the results of the exercise;
For 287 complainants, the grade published is what they earned. Of these 287 students,156 did not complete all assessments requirements: Pop Quiz, IA and Final Exam. This explains the lower grades.22 students have a genuine case. Their grades will be updated after 15th May 2019

A further investigation is being carried on 7 complaints.

The unit is inviting students who lodged complains regarding their UGRC 150 grades within the specified time period to visit the UGRC Coordinator’s Office located in the Staff Resource and Development Centre Building opposite the Business school from 8th to 12th April 2019 to receive detailed feedback in their complaints.

Again, students who are not satisfied with the outcome of their complaints are eligible to apply for a remarking at the Academic Affairs DirectorateThe SRC would want to encourage students undertaking this course to be diligent in their studies and circumspect in complaining.

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  1. Transparent grading system is a must. There is a restrictions where student have to pay again for someone to do his job.


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