7 Unforgettable Scenes In Game Of Thrones, Forever Etched In Our Memories!

It’s 6 days…just one two three four five six days to Game Of Thrones Season Finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We know you’re giddy with excitement just like us so…let’s do a little throwback! Let’s look at some of the iconic scenes in the past seasons that blew our minds!

Ned Stark’s death

How can we not start with this? For the main character, we all never expected him to just…die. Like…it was so unexpected and was legit our first GOT heartbreak. But his death led to a great revelation. It was after Ned died that we realized that naaahh this ain’t a regular show. At all!

Red Wedding 

The Red Wedding will forever be talked about. I mean, we probably expected Robb to die in some battle but…at a wedding?? As a guest?? With his mother?? And wife and unborn baby??? At a point where they were all unarmed and off guard!!! Walder Frey is demonic no doubt Cos ayyy…mass slaughter paaa nie? How do you keep eating in a spot like that?!

Battle of the bastards 

We loved the battle of the bastards!!! Ramsey’s battle strategy was admirable let’s not lie. We could literally see The Devil, Ramsey destroying our baby’s army and it looked like that was the end! He would have won the battle eaaaasy if the Knights of the Vale hadn’t come to save Jon Snow’s ass. The relief! Gah! 

Cersei‘s Explosion 

Femme fatale, Cersei really borst our minds. We knew she’d do anything and everything but…we didn’t expect what she did! Cersei bombed a whole church…church oooo with everyone in it just because she wanted the High Septon and Queen Margery dead. Destroyed everyone oooo killed every single person while they waited for her. Sheesh 


We don’t care but any scene where the dragons opened up their wings and showed their krachi powers made us weak. When Daenerys says Dracarys and they obey p3 na our heart is in overdrive!!!

Arya’s revenge 

Watching Arya use her faceless Man skills to kill Walder Frey and his sons as revenge for the Red Wedding was dooooope!!! She sliced his face off, put it on and poisoned his family…the whole time posing as him and reminding them of what they did on the Red Wedding night. Hard girl! 

The rise of the dead 

Remember when Jon Snow went to talk the wildlings into joining them at the Wall Cos charle…staying with the crows to fight their common enemy, the white walkers was better than them dying and becoming a part of the Army of The Dead. In the process of ‘escaping’ the white walkers came! But that’s not the scene that’s engraved in our minds…it’s the part where before Jon Snow’s very eyes, the Night King raised all the dead wildlings. 

Iconic scenes huh? What other scenes do you think were the best? 

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