Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Car Wash That Happened At Repu!

One thing everyone was looking forward to on Saturday was the “Bikini car wash”.

Well, obviously it was because we know the girls would be wearing either real bikinis or some skimpy clothing and be washing the cars seductively.

There is also the fact that we would see some of the nicest cars on campus and their owners (even though we know some of them would be rented just so they can show off).

Well, this year was a little different. First of all, we thought the car wash wouldn’t even come on because of some problems like a spoilt pump, the lack of cars and also the fact that because it didn’t start on time, some of the guys with the cars got angry and left but all in all, the organizers pulled themselves together and made everything work… late of course, but the car wash did come on.

We were all excited to see the girls only for them to show up in overalls. Lol. It beat the purpose of a “bikini car wash” but then again, who actually said it was going to be a bikini car wash? We all just assumed it would be. There was a silver lining though. Some of the girls were wearing “booty shorts” so that made up for something right?

Some guys also were washing the cars with their shirts off and their bodies made us swoooooon!

Anyways, check out some of the pictures from the car wash.

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