Grab Your Headsets And Turn Up The Volume! La Meme Gang’s Kiddblack Just Dropped A Fire EP With Moor Sound

The La Meme Gang don’t disappoint when they come together to bost our minds but you know what makes the group even more likeable?

They are as amazing on their individual projects as they are together.

Kiddblack teamed up with Moor Sound dropped an EP today.

The title of the EP, “Here For A Good Time Not A Long Time” is enough to spark your curiosity on what to expect from the two.

We’ve heard what the two are capable of individually and teamed up with other amazing talents but..the two together??? Just Kiddblack laying verses on a Moor Sound produced beat???

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Earlier today, at the YFm studio, we joined Kiddblack and Moor Sound for a listening session of the EP with Brown Berry and MzOrstin on the Weekend Rush show and…

One word…the EP is fire.

The two clearly make a great team. It almost looked like Moor Sounds’ beats was tailored specifically to Kiddblack’s voice and style. We knew we had to expect something dope but this was way better than what we expected!

The first track “Come Alive” gave us goosebumps for a minute the second it started. The title of the track is perfect cos if you don’t ‘Come Alive’ while listening to the song, then you really get …!

One thing we loved about the 5 track EP was how all the songs seamlessly flowed into each other. Almost makes you feel like you’re listening to one song with different verses and slight changes in the vibe. The 4th track, ‘Say Wassup’ had a surprise element to it lol…we had settled into the vibe that comes with the EP and we weren’t really prepared for Medikal’s style hitting us on that track.

The last song ‘Classics’ has a great storyline with Kiddblack talking about how it all begun and his day ones…stop bouncing to the beat and really listen to it lol. It’s a great story.

The EP really projects what the title is…straight to the point, no long things, full of good vibes…you really feel the “Here for a good time not a long time” vibes all over the EP.

Time really no dey.

Our first favourites off the first listen were One Two, Come Alive and Say Wassup.

Click here to get the EP on all music platforms ASAP!!!

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