Pay Attention To These 8 Very Dangerous People You Should Fear And Stay Away From!!

Let nobody lie to you erh…in this life, there are some people you NEVER EVER have to keep both eyes closed around! They are way too dangerous to be 100 per cent comfortable around them!

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How do you identify people like that?

Don’t worry…

Fortunately for you, we are here to help.

We know all those dangerous people you need to stay away from. People who will destroy your lives and break your hearts if you so much as glance at them.

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We gotcha.

#1: Light-skinned people

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We don’t really have to tell you this charle! Everyone knows the Devil is light-skinned. Ask your pastor! The light-skinned devil vomits light-skinned people into the world to confuse us mortals and break our hearts over and over again! Everyone knows it’s the blood of their victims that they smear on their skins to keep that fresh look.

Short people

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Why do you think people are short? It’s because of all the evil they have bottled up inside them that’s causing their stunted growth. The eviler you are, the shorter you get cos all that evil is compressing you. Make nobody lie to you…Humans are all supposed to all grow tall and majestic. God knows nothing about these evil tiny people.

Bearded guys

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If you love your life ladies, you will run from these guys! All that beard is doing, is collecting souls of unsuspecting women and hiding their slippery snake tongues. Yeah…the one they use to say all those sweet things to make you fall. DON’T GET CLOSE to these evil people!!!

Thicc girls

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Thick thighs save lives they say…HAHAHAAHAHA!! Thick thighs squash hearts dear gentlemen! Do you think that fat ass is just for show?? It’s to sit on your face till you can’t breathe any more dears. They will kill you, young Kings!! Kill you!!! FLEE!!

People with dimples

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Yeah yeah…everyone calls them cute. Lemme tell you the truth! The cuteness is just there to draw you in. Those dimples are prison pits. If you put your ear close to their cheek long enough, you’d hear the screams of their victims from those chasms. Be Careful dears! Very careful!

Kofis, Abenas, Kwabenas

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They will smile in your face while stabbing you in the heart.

People who wear glasses

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Those glasses are just stopping everyone from seeing their eyes light red every once in a while like the devil’s minions they are! Any time they tell you they have a headache, it’s a lie..they are communicating with their demonic lords and thinking up new ways to destroy humans.

Guys who wear vintage shirts

Yes, those ones who like to open the first few buttons to show some chest. We knoow they look good but don’t trust them. At all!! Do not trust them one bit! See when you see that they have a little gold chain resting on their chests, Flee!!! And when you see them with any kind of shades on…girl, call your mum to let her pray for you and Vamoose!!


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Yeah, don’t let their cute faces and smiles fool you…One day, they will rise and take over the world and make adults their slaves! I mean, look at them now… practising for the future! They slap you and you and smile and you stupidly think it’s cute! LOL, They are succeeding in brainwashing all of us!!

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Now that you guys know…be careful outchea!!

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