UG: Your Pillowcase Could Be The Cause Of Your Skin Problems. Here’s How To Make Sure It Doesn’t.

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Acne breakouts are the worst. You wake up one morning and boom!

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There’s a large pimple on your face. Getting them to go away and clear up your face is a whole course on its own. But guess what? The causes of acne breakouts could be closer to your face than you think. Literally lol. You could probably be using the wrong type of pillowcase. Your pillowcase is basically a sponge absorbing all the good, bad, and ugly – then transmitting it directly back to your face.

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Here are all the fastest ways to hack your pillowcase cleanliness for better skin, especially if sensitivity and acne is something you’ve been facing lately.

Wash your pillowcases regularly.

Your pillow may look perfectly clean and inviting from the outside, but in reality, it’s a hub for bacteria, dirt, and oils. When those things are transmitted from your face and environment to your pillow, and then back onto your face, it clogs your pores resulting in breakouts. You can combat this buildup by washing your pillowcase every week.

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Manage how much hair product is getting on your pillowcase.

This especially may be a problem if don’t wash your hair daily or if you use hair product (AKA all of us!). It’s obvious that you shouldn’t put hair cream all over your face, but when it transfers to the pillow you sleep on, it’s going on your face.

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Get a scarf or bonnet. And if you have natural hair, make sure you’re getting a satin scarf.

A good pillow can make a world of a difference! There are certain pillows available to keep you upright during the night, so your face isn’t coming in direct contact with your pillow. There are also antibacterial options and silk pillowcases that are really gentle on your skin and hair. With everything that goes into a busy day in school, sleep is the one thing that should not be stressful


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