For All The Party Lovers, This Is How You Can Get Free Passes To The Legendary All Black Party During Repu!

The highlight of Repu Hall Week is usually the parties such as Epilogo and the others which are held on Saturday nights. Usually, there are about at least 3 parties going on at the same time including UABA (the most expensive one) but you’ll find that a lot of people go to all these different parties and they all jam!

Now a lot of people would like to go for all these parties but charley, the way the economy is de33, there’s no money. But that’s where Axe is swooping in with a black cape!

Axe is saying that just buy a full pack which has 6 cans of the spray and you get to win an AXE-cess card which gives you free access to attend the Prime Party on Saturday for free or the UABA happening on Saturday as well!


You can also get to watch movies at the Wine and Dine Cinema for free.

All you need to do is to purchase a pack of Axe and you get rewarded!!

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