Some Of You Guys Think You’re Doing Something Aaarrmah But These Are Some Of The Things Women Hate During Sex!

For all the men out there serving up cold leftovers in bed, here are the things you’re doing horribly, horribly wrong, according to women who constantly endure them.

1. When you don’t shave

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What really is the end goal of you having a bush down there? You know paaaa that you would want her to give you head or even a hand job but you’ve left your hair to keep growing?? What really are you thinking?

2. Treating her nipples and breasts like a feeding bottle

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Lmao! Some of you legit latch on to our nipples like dehydrated newborn babies! Our nips are super sensitive, with varying degrees of sensitivity throughout the month, so play accordingly. Gentle licking and sucking can be truly spectacular, so long as it doesn’t feel like you’re trying to milk us.

3. Being silent

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We get it. Some of you aren’t moaners but you cannot be quiet throughout! Ebei… How will we know if we are doing the right things and hitting your right spots? Would you dance when there’s no music ( apart from when you’re probably high or drunk … lol)?

4. Skipping foreplay

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Guy! If your girl is dryer than the Sahara, it’s your own fault! Ladies take their sweet time to get “there” regardless of their age. Besides the fact that foreplay makes the business of getting there much easier, simply sticking it in is likely to make a woman feel more objectified than wanted. Apart from quickies, trying to enter without any foreplay is amateurish and quite selfish.

5. Rubbing the clit like a turntable

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Yes, women like clitoral stimulation and most of us have clitoral orgasms. You should try gently tapping or circular motions at first. If she wants it harder, she’ll speak up.

So now you have it. You guys really need to up your game cuz the enjoyment isn’t for only you.

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