It Might Be Poverty Speaking But Check Out 5 Ridiculously Expensive Yet Useless Things That Make Sense To Only Rich People!

You know you’re insanely rich when you can even think about buying some of the crazy items off of this list, Charley.

Some rich people have passed the stages of buying yachts and islands and now they’ve ended up spending money on stuff that’s not exactly as… sensible. Who are we to even say that they aren’t sensible mmom cuuuzz charley we can take poverty to say “nonsense”. On that note, here are a few things some really rich people spend their money on.

1. Stuart Hughes Gold iPhone 5 – $15.3 Million

Image result for Stuart Hughes Gold iPhone 5 - $15.3 Million

UK based designer Stuart Hughes crafted an iPhone worth almost $16 million dollars at the behest of a Chinese businessman. It’s coated in solid gold and features both black and white diamonds.

Soooo… right now that nobody really uses iPhone 5 er? Now what? Ei.

2. Diamond Dog Collar: $3.2 Million

Image result for Diamond Dog Collar: $3.2 Million

It is encrusted with 1000s of diamonds and sapphires, including a 52-carat diamond.

One question… How does your dog tell the difference between this expensive for nothing thing and a normal collar???

3. $15,000 diamond contact lenses

Related image

It’s a hassle when you need to wear glasses to see not to talk of fixing contacts even if it’s just to “b))” life but wearing contacts with diamonds on them would definitely have to hurt in a way. All for what? So people will see you have diamonds in your eyes? Hoh!

4. $595,000 ruby and diamond pen

Image result for $595,000 ruby and diamond pen

A GHS 5 pen kraa we won’t buy. Anka, we will go and buy the normal Bic pen Charley. What this?

5. $1.38 million roll of gold toilet paper

Image result for $1.38 million roll of gold toilet paper

It is reportedly made of 22-carat gold flakes and is safe to use.

You want to use gold to clean your ‘botos’ when you can sell it and get plenty money? Ah well… maybe it’s poverty talking.

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