UPSA: You Should Know These Popular Students If You Are A Card Bearing Student Of UPSA


Trust us when we say the following students define the word popular on UPSA campus.

Some of them are popular because they are multi-talented whilst others are popular because they are popular charle.

1. Zumah:
He’s an SRC president aspirant who also owns Zumah Football Club on campus.
2. Hilda:
SRC women’s commissioner who led #BringBackOurTaadiGirls on campus earlier this semester.
3. Precious
 Female photo and runway model in level 200 offering public relations.
4. Isaac
He’s well known due to how he supports/funds events on campus. He is also the SRC Treasurer hopeful.
5. Dory
She’s well known for taking pictures. Dory is the student with most pictures on social media.
6. Trevi Mula
A musician with the hit song on campus “My Woman” in which he featured a lot of girls on campus in the video.
7. Beverly
Another SRC Women executive who is on her campaign tour aspiring to the boss of the commission.
8. Hagan
He is in level 200 offering public relations

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