UENR: Bad Grades Day?? This Is How To Deal If Your Results Are Out And They Are Not Looking Too Good


Did you get your first bad grade? No worries, you are not doomed.

University education is not easy as many high school peeps are made to believe.

Although classes may seem a bit more relaxed as compared to high school in terms of scheduling, there are a lot of factors in the university scene that can have a negative impact on your grades.
Whether it be partying a bit too much with your peeps, not spending enough time studying, being an active member of so many groups or just simply struggling with a course, it’s important to know that life happens, including a bad grade in Uni.

But, chillax! KuulpeesUENR got your back. Here are a few tips on how to handle your first bad grade in uni.

1. Don’t be too hard on yourself

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Your first reaction to receiving your bad grade may be to feel sad and disappointed in yourself because you know you can do better! You have to remember that no one is perfect and the bad grade doesn’t mean you are a bad student just because a test or a project doesn’t as planned. Again, it’s important to remember that college is an entirely different experience that doesn’t always go by the book, and that’s okay! STOP BEING HARD ON YOURSELF IN TIME TO PREPARE TO IMPROVE…

2. Take it as a learning experience

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Uni isn’t just for learning about subjects like engineering maths and organic chemistry! It’s also a place full of life experiences that you’re constantly growing from, and earning your first bad grade is one of them. It could serve as a blessing in disguise! After an exam, it is good to identify and understand your mistakes so that you know exactly what your weaknesses are. In most cases, lecturers often complain students lose marks when it comes to presenting answers in writing with clarity (bad handwriting) and brevity rather than content and conceptual knowledge (nonfa). Remember, it’s important to be honest with yourself and take responsibility when it’s due!

3. Fight for every mark

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In the Uni you are assessed based on particular criteria which are similar across various universities and colleges; Attendance, Assignments, Projects, mid-semester and end of semester examination. Your mere presence in a class can fetch you some easy marks at the end of the semester so get to class on time. Once you manage to be at the lecture hall I advise you pay attention—make sure you attend most lectures and get your name signed present. Make sure the assignments are well done(get help if you need to) and submitted on time to fetch you some grade saving marks. –“don’t give small marks chance.”

4. Solve Past Questions

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A good way to familiarize yourself with a course and lecturer or examiner is to get a hold of his or her previous exam questions. Truth be told, it not easy to get some past questions in Ghana but not impossible. Just Approach students that have already written a paper you are yet to write. Try solving all the questions accurately while timing yourself and correct yourself afterwards. This is very useful especially when the course was taught by the same person in previous years because the chances of the Pasco being repeated is high. –“there is nothing new under the sun.”

5. Consider asking for help
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Asking for help isn’t always easy but a bad grade is a signal to consider seeking out a helping hand. There are many resources you can use to your advantage to learn more about why you earned the grade that you did and how to better prepare for the future. Your Lecturer, a teaching assistant, an advisor or a tutor are just some of the many people you can consult! Besides, many Lecturers offer office hours where they’re open to discussing your grade, and will sometimes even go as far as to let you retake things like a quiz or a test you weren’t satisfied with.



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