MUCG: Slender Doesn’t Have To Be Boring. Take A Look At Some Style Inspiration For Slender People

If you’re naturally slender it can be harder than you think to know which styles and clothes will best suit your shape.

While many trends look great on slim figures there are some key items every skinny woman should invest in and some fashion no-no’s that are best avoided. Don’t worry we got you on this.


If you’re skinny what kinds of dresses, tops and trousers should you wear?

You can add curves to your frame with peplum style dresses and tops. Bootleg jeans and trousers are great on skinny women too as they give the body extra shape and dimension. Alternatively, skinny jeans will obviously look fabulous on you.


What kinds of fabrics are most flattering when you’re slim?

Fabrics with some structure are great for creating the illusion of a curve, but you don’t want to go too bulky as this can make your frame look rigid.

If you want to accentuate your figure then clingy fabrics are great but if you want to add a curve to your frame then avoid them and go for something thicker like wool.


Are there any style shortcuts to making you look curvier when you’re very slim?

Wear horizontal stripes on the top half to give your body some added curves. Avoid wearing a lot of blacks as this can make you look slimmer than you are. Clothing with structure and a peplum top or dress can help give the illusion of a fuller figure.


Can you recommend any accessories that can help make you look fuller figured?

Belts should become your new best friend! Both thick and skinny belts paired over a floaty dress or top will add shape to your outfit and accentuate your tiny waist.


What is the style no-no’s when you are very slim?

If you’re very slim and want to look more curvaceous then avoid clingy clothing, wearing lots of black in one go and don’t wear overly baggy clothing.


What is the best way to hide skinny legs?

When the weather is very warm maxi-skirts are great for hiding legs and looking stylish at the same time, but again remember to avoid anything too baggy to expose your figure.


What is the best way to hide scrawny arms?

Wearing long sleeves coupled with a waterfall blazer or jacket will draw attention away from the upper half of your body, especially when teamed with some bright shoes or trousers.

Batwing sleeves are also great for adding some additional shape.

We’re all set to go. We can now slay without having to look odd.

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