Yo Kuulpeeps, you guys have been voting or not for your favourite to win at the 2019 3 Music Awards.

On 30th March, you guys will be ranting about who should have won what but “Did you vote?”

Before the award ceremony, Kuulpeeps is organizing our own fan choice awards.

Vote for your favourite below:

[poll id=”105″]

[poll id=”106″]

[poll id=”107″]

[poll id=”108″]

[poll id=”109″]

[poll id=”110″]

[poll id=”111″]

[poll id=”112″]

[poll id=”113″]

[poll id=”114″]

[poll id=”115″]

[poll id=”116″]

[poll id=”117″]

[poll id=”118″]

[poll id=”119″]

[poll id=”120″]

[poll id=”121″]

[poll id=”122″]

[poll id=”123″]

[poll id=”124″]

[poll id=”125″]

[poll id=”126″]

[poll id=”127″]

[poll id=”128″]

[poll id=”129″]

[poll id=”130″]

Note that this is not the official 3Music Awards voting platform.

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