Okay, Foodies… An Amazing New French Restaurant Just Opened At Alliance Francaise And It’s Amazing!

Yesterday, a magical new place was officially opened to the public, inside Alliance Francaise… A French-inspired restaurant called La Brasserie by Wood.

The soiree started at 6 pm with an open bar and a variety of cute mini versions of pizzas, sandwiches and more.

The whole idea behind the opening of this restaurant is to give Ghanaians a taste of what we always hear people say about French food but this time with a Ghanaian taste to it.

Their menu, which is made up of delicious sounding french food will be made with ingredients that can easily be found in Ghana such as cassava leaves, egusi and more just to give you that French feeling but with a taste of home but if you want to do basic, there’s good old jollof on the menu and other options for you.

From the mini sandwiches and croquettes we tasted, we can confidently tell you that a restaurant is a place you need to visit! The flavorful food was amazing, the sandwich tasted like a burst of sweet and sour goodness exploding in your mouth and we just kept reaching for more!

The DJ, DJ Fui contributed to the great ambience with his music and the sponsors, Veuve Du Verney made sure there was a constant flow of sparkling wine for everyone!

Have a feel of the night with these pictures and well, for the taste, you have to go to Alliance Francaise and visit La Brasserie by Wood to enjoy the food.

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