CU:  You Are Dealing with a Cold-Hearted Person If They Do These 5 Things

A cold-hearted person may be difficult to recognize at first and dealing with.

There are some signs to look for that would help you with this.


  1. They’re Secretive

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No matter how long you have known them, you probably don’t know anything real about them. They try to keep all aspects of their life and their personality a secret. They do this because it makes it much easier from growing an attachment to others. They tend to hide almost everything about them.


  1. They take dangerous risks

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They say risking is a natural part of the light and our successful risk are what helps us progress in life, but the risk in dating a cold-hearted person is entirely a different ballgame. Cold hearted people are happy to take risks, but there is no end to the risks that they are willing  to take. No matter how dangerous it, they’ll go for it and drag others with without putting thoughts into others feelings. They do what makes them feel good and progress


  1. They never show remorse

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Cold hearted people may say sorry, but they will never seem to mean it. They don’t mind hurting others but apologize when called on their bad behaviour. They happily apologize to those who feel wronged but they will never mean it.


  1. They know how to gaslight

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Gaslight is when one turns reality to the way they want it to be.  When being caught being untruthful they try and twist event to make it look like you don’t understand the situation. They would do anything to manipulate you into of their will. Their action can lead to self-doubt and anxiety over a long period of time.


  1. They can remember every lie they’ve told

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They have the ability to lie to your face. But they remember every single lie and half-truth that they have told you to make sure they don’t slip up. They have impressive lying skills.




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