Meet Jeremiah Owura Addo, The Two Year Old Boy Who Could Be The World’s Smartest Kid

We might have the world’s smartest kid in Ghana. Jeremiah Owura Addo, a two-year-old boy is touted by many as the present day Einstein for his level of smartness at such a young age.

Jeremiah at age two has memorised 140 countries and their capitals.

According to his dad, Jeremiah showed his smartness at the age of 1 year and four months. He was able to recollect all the songs that his dad played.

His dad, therefore, decided to teach him stuff on general knowledge.

Jeremiah is not schooling yet, neither does he watch TV or use light at home because his parents are poor. He only used mobile apps to study new things.

His parents have started teaching him stuff on science and maths and they hope that he grows to become a world-renowned scientist.

Below is a video of a BBC interview with Jeremiah and his dad:


source: BBC

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