UG: Facing Water Problems In Your Hall?? Here Is Why.

The Physical Development and Municipal Services Directorate (PDMSD), has released information as to why some traditional halls have not had a consistent flow of water this semester.

According to them, the Ghana Water Company Limited has informed the University as to why the water supply has been cut short.

Here’s why:

i. Irregular power supply to their sub-stations and the subsequent delay in rebooting the systems to get water flowing.

ii. Old pipelines frequently breaking down or bursting due to sudden water pressure.

iii. High indebtedness from non-payment by Government.

Meanwhile, Management has started the process of acquiring an additional water tanker to relieve the situation. Also, the GWCL has been told to construct an additional pipeline from the high-pressure line near the 4 Hostels to augment the water supply to the university.

For now, make sure to fill your barrels and gallons immediately the taps flow. You don’t want to go to lectures without taking your bath.

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