UCC: Have You Heard Of Bato Sticks? Here Is All You Need To Know About UCC’s Finest Drummer

Don’t you wonder how some people get you nodding your head by just hitting drums?

Meet Emmanuel Afrifa Ansah otherwise known as Bato Sticks, get to know his other exploits aside drums.

Read our interview with him below.

KuulpeepsUCC: Good Morning. 

Bato Sticks: Good Morning Guys.

KuulpeepsUCC: So who is Bato Sticks? 

Bato Sticks: I’m a young talented musician who loves to groove on the drums and on the turntables. I’m into music. I’m level 300 Bachelor of Arts Social Studies student from the University of Cape Coast.

KuulpeepsUCC: So you are a full-time musician? 

Bato Sticks: Yeah, I compose beats for songs, arrange songs and play most musical instruments as well.

KuulpeepsUCC. Which part of what you do excites you the most, the beats making, songs arrangement or playing Instruments? 

Bato Sticks: I love every bit of the musical process. They are all very nice experiences for me.

KuulpeepsUCC: How hard is it combining everything you do?

Bato Sticks: Eish hmm It’s not easy combining all that  I do.

KuulpeepsUCC: So how do you manage the combination with academics? 

Bato Sticks: Wheeww!! Combining it with the school is hard because there is the time I have to go for rehearsals and things like that. I try my best to manage my time well.

KuulpeepsUCC: Between school and Music, if given the choice, which would you choose?

Bato Sticks: Oh I will gladly choose music. That’s my talent. The education is just to back it Keke.

KuulpeepsUCC: How did you start drumming? 

Bato Sticks: Started at church when I was about 8 years old. Nobody taught me. It just happened like that.

KuulpeepsUCC: Do you think Ghanaians consider drumming as the desired talent like how other talents are perceived? 

Bato Sticks: Not Really oo. But to every deception, there is an exception. the few people who think drumming is a talent are the ones who motivate me. I do not mind the naysayers.

KuulpeepsUCC: How do you fancy your chances of a major breakthrough? 

Bato Sticks: I do my best, so far I’ve worked with people I thought I would ever meet in my lifetime, the likes of Samini, Elder Mireku, Akosua Agyapong and a great number of celebs. I keep my head up and believe the top spot is mine.

KuulpeepsUCC: Are you in a relationship? 

Bato Sticks: yes oo I am.

KuulpeepsUCC: If Bato is not playing the drums, what would you be doing? 

Bato Sticks: I love to hang out. I will probably be my friends and family.

KuulpeepsUCC: Is your family supportive on your chosen path? 

Bato Sticks: They are now, it was not easy in the beginning, but now they are proud when they see my videos all around. Things have changed.

KuulpeepsUCC: What do you aspire to achieve on the chosen path? 

Bato Sticks: I have a band in place- Groove factors band, I’m hoping to open a music studio soon to train others.

KuulpeepsUCC: Cool chaley we wish you all the best in your journey. 

Bato Sticks: Thank you guys for having me. I am grateful.

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