Some Of Last Week’s Funniest, Unbelievable And Killer Tweets

Twitter was lit last week!!!

Here are some tweets we gathered for you:

1. Who can relate?


2. Let’s  pay attention to this ANT tweet 😂😂


3. Kepa is not going anywhere 😂

4. Lol! It’s ready 😂

5. Ah 😂😂


6. When you finally see the light 😂


7. Who can relate?


8. Next time you see a snake try this…


9. All my bros are ballerssssss


10. We just love African Mothers

11. Ah 😂😂


12. Our favorite tweet so far 😂😭

13. You no go fear the macho 😂😂


14. Repu fever start dey come already


15. Why are some people like this?


16. Dem take do you fresh before?


17. Tweeps are too creative 👏👏


18. Thisssss!!!


19. If you know you know!



20. 😂😂😂



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