He Discovered His Passion At The Age of 10, Meet Methodist University’s Smoothest Dancer, King Davis

We caught up with the dancer King Davis for a conversation, he was excited about this dialogue.

He told us lots of things we know will interest you. Let’s scoop in.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Hello “Ladies Man” Kindly let us know your full name, course and level?

King Davis: Davis Oteng Afful. I’m in level 200 and a Diploma student.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Oh wait! We hope you intend to continue here?

King Davis: Oh yes, surely

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Okay, that’s good to know, how did you come about the name King Davis?

King Davis: That’s my stage name and  I prefer the King tho

Kuulpeeps MUCG: You prefer it?

King Davis: Yes I like it when I’m called King Davis.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Lol okay, we get it now. How did you start dancing or should we say when?

King Davis: Eerrm I started since I was a child tho but from an estimate, I discovered when I was like 10yrs

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Oh okay cool.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: We’d like to know what or who motivates you?

King Davis: I’ll say myself… If I’m to select a particular role model ..I don’t really have one…I look up to all the good dancers I know being it ma friends saf

Kuulpeeps MUCG: So you mean you don’t have any role models you look up to at all?

King Davis: Not at all but I motivate myself first then I look up to dancers like; Kidathegreat, Limpopo boy, Fikshun, Cyrus Glitch Spencer, Nonstop

Kuulpeeps MUCG: These are all international what about the dancers we have in Ghana?

King Davis: I like all dancers in Ghana. I learn from all Top Ghanaian Dancers.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Would you like to mention a few?

King Davis: Oh what have you??

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Well…What drives you to dance with so much passion?

King Davis: Good music yeah

Kuulpeeps MUCG: And how do you combine this with your studies? This whole dancing because we are aware it requires lots of practice.

King Davis: Oh yes…This is one of the questions that motivate me…errrm… about combining my studies, I know very well that I can’t do the dance and leave my studies and vice versa so the least free minutes I get within the week I listen to music and dance in my head sometimes…I know it sounds crazy…

I have class almost all days …hence I dedicate Saturdays mostly for my personal rehearsal. Not forgetting that Mondays to Fridays have been taken for learning
Then I wrap up all the learning on Sundays and the week begins again.

I also happen to be the course rep of my class…It’s not that easy but if u know what u want, it becomes normal. Sometimes I have videos to shoot mostly on Saturdays.

I sometimes rehearse before going to bath and even in the bathroom….these little things help me to be updated.

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Hmm such a cycle, Do you have any plans of pursuing this on a higher platform not only as a passion?

King Davis: Oh yes of course!

Kuulpeeps MUCG: So where do you plan to see yourself? Five years from now? Pursuing this talent.

King Davis: U.K…because that’s where Ghanaian dancers are really recognized and the U.S too

Kuulpeeps MUCG: We’ve heard some experiences of people doing great stuff whether music or dance when they are sad or happy or in their element, does this happen to you too? And also has Methodist University in any way helped push your talent?

King Davis: Hmmm…this is a tough one oo. Oh yes…anytime I’m bored, sad or sometimes angry, I get to play good songs which make me learn new moves.

Errrm…for the school as a whole, I’ll say a little but for my friends in the school…they are all a part of it…because most of them help in sharing my videos and all that

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Wow and Kuulpeepsmucg has been left out. *rolls eyeballs*

King Davis: Not at all…Haven’t said it because Kuulpeeps is talking to me🤣

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Lol right

King Davis: I can never forget that.


Kuulpeeps MUCG: Finally,  how are you handling the game? All the girls must be rushing you

King Davis: Oh lol🤣🤣🤣

Kuulpeeps MUCG: Lol, don’t mind us. Thank you for your time King Davis, more grease to your elbow.

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