HTU: All You Need To Know About Elijah Akanladi, SRC President Aspirant

It’s that time where we need to vote individuals into power. These people will represent the student body at the administration level of school affairs.

It’s only right that before we do vote for them, we find out who they are as individuals

Meet Elijah Akanladi who is vying for the position of SRC President

Elijah is a God-fearing, respectful, obedient, selfless, nimble, principled, hardworking, dedicated, disciplined, humbled and handsome young man who has the can-do spirit in any endeavour respective to any obstacles or circumstances nigh.

Elijah Akanladi was the Head Prefect and the  SRC President of his Alma Mata( Ghanata Senior High School) in 2015/2016 academic year.

As visionary as he is, he was able to bridge the gap between students and authority making it easy for students to be able to channel their grievances to management.

It was during his tenure of office that the school’s students representative council(SRC) which was formally a toothless bulldog got revived and annual SRC week celebrations came into being.

He became the first president for the council at that time working hand in hand with the Greater Accra Regional SRC.

He is a gallant soldier in the house of God (SU and AGCM).

Elijah is a dream employee of every employer, manager every investor would entrust with, children’s desire to have as a father, co-equals to have as a friend, ladies to have as a man home, fathers to have as a son, his zestfulness and spiritual maturity would make churches petition God to have as a leader and this noble institution would bear witness of having as a student.

He was a student activist and an advocator who always rostrum for his subordinates (students) without any timidity or trepidations.

He’s not biased and corrupt in discharging his duties, everyone is treated equally irrespective of your gender status.

He believes in teamwork and democracy regardless of your portfolio and affiliations.


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