MUCG: Tips On How To Make Tasty Pancakes With Plantain

Today’s tips will be on how to prepare pancakes made with overripe plantain.

If you often discard your riped plantain then after today you will put a stop to it.

Plantain Pancake recipe…

Ingredients for the pancake






Sugar and salt to taste

Melted butter



After you’re all set with the ingredients you.

1.Peel the plantains

Cut them into bits then you pour them into a clean blender and then you now blend till its smooth without lumps.



2. When done with this step you now add your chopped peppers, and onions. After you pour some melted butter, eggs, and some milk blend until it’s mixed thoroughly.



3. Now pour the mixture into a bowl and set aside. Bring your flour, add some sugar and salt and mix the content together when done bring back the mixture and pour the flour into it.



4. Mix until smooth. You can add some more milk if the mixture is too thick. Our batter is now ready to fry. Grease the frying pan with oil.



5. If you notice that the pan is extra hot, pour batter in the pan, let it sit for seconds then flip over until it’s brown. You can now take out when it’s done at both sides.