KNUST: Why Stress Over What To Eat In The Morning? Anopa Shew Got Us

Imagine waking up and having to have to think about how to satisfy your morning cravings?

Well, what about you having breakfast like a king or queen, in the comfort of your room?

“Anopa Shew” is a new, groovy breakfast service hitting campus in the coming weeks.

Imagine having the privilege of enjoying a delicious English or continental breakfast like bacon and eggs, French toast, club sandwiches, pancakes, cookies and milk and even a hamburger with a side of fries, served to you like a royal, in your own room.

No need to worry about where to get the special treatment in breakfast service you deserve, just call on “Anopa Shew” and get treated like royalty. You just place your order and then sit back relax and get served with the best in international breakfast cuisine whiles being treated to the most excellent service you can ever imagine.

Their working hours are from 6am-12pm, that’s from morning through mid-day till noon, so you have basically half a day to pamper your taste buds, every single day. You can also get your local favourites like porridge, tom brown etc with the whole complimentary gang that goes with them such as bread, “bofrot”, “koose” and the likes.  It’s coming sooner than you can imagineeeeee!!!.


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